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American Members of International Goodwill to Others (AMIGO)

  • Introduction: Being a “sponsor” in the AMIGO Program is simply being a FRIEND. Sponsors will provide immeasurable help to international students (and their families) in becoming accustomed to our ways of thinking and acting. (In accordance with “DoD Field Studies Programs”.) Please keep in mind:

    1. The overall objective of the Sponsorship Program is to make students feel welcome while undergoing training.

      Our goal is to acquaint our international students with our American society, customs and way of life in general. Good AMIGOS serve as an extension of DLIELC (and as Ambassadors for the United States), helping to show the students how an average American family spends leisure time. The impressions YOU leave, affect the students, their families, and all of the student’s acquaintances.

      There is always room for new ideas! Please contact Mr. Daniel Vega, AMIGO Program Manager, Bldg 7535, Room G-030, telephone (210) 671-7700, if you have suggestions, questions, or have exciting news to share.

  • Getting Started. Be yourself – follow the golden rule—treat the student(s) as you would like to be treated in his or her country. And as we work together to further the goals of the DLI Sponsorship Program, we ask you to remember:

    1. The program is designed to include the student(s) in your normal schedule. (Not) as an interruption, but to include him/her in some of your routine family activities).
      For many students, this may be the ONLY exposure they will have to Americans and to the United States.

      Ask the students if they have a food or drink restriction. This would be a good opportunity to suggest they prepare their favorite dish from their country.
      culturally sensitive (patient and understanding)

      Try to contact your students at least every other week. Learn to pronounce their names correctly, and help them learn to pronounce yours.

      Your students will have a graduation ceremony. Please be aware that you are cordially invited to attend their graduation. Graduation is usually on the Thursday before their last day in class. Graduation ceremonies are held on the DLI Campus, Bldg 7535 in the DLI Auditorium at 3:00 PM. I know your students would greatly appreciate your attending.

  • Hospitality Hints. It is up to the sponsor to assist us in giving the student(s) a realistic view of Americans in general, as citizens of San Antonio, Texas, in particular. Be prepared: do you have a map of San Antonio? The United States? The World? A good sponsor takes a little time and makes the extra effort to be able to answer questions about the local area (the students will feel you are genuinely interested in them and their welfare). Other items to consider are:

    1. Ask the student to show you their country on a map, and to tell you a little about his country.

      Suggested activities:

    Birthday parties Home movies/videos
    Special holiday eventsNew homes recently constructed
    Local festivalsSightseeing
    Sporting eventsBackyard barbecue (or picnic)
    Children’s school programsDLIELC graduation

      Suggested be avoided:

    Yawning in public Using foot/feet to move objects
    Pointing with one fingerPointing with foot or toe
    Eating with left handShowing the sole of your shoe
    Giving object with left hand Patting children on the head
    Back slappingTalking with hands in pockets
    Practical jokesChewing gum

  • Keep a journal: You may find this helpful, if after an activity with your student, you write down something special about the day’s events.

    1. The AMIGO office needs you to provide Quarterly feedback of the quality time you spend with your student(s). Please take time to send your Sponsorship feedback at the end of each quarter to DLIELC/IFF (ATTN: Mr. Daniel Vega) 2235 Andrews Avenue, Room G-030, JBSA - Lackland, TX 78236-5259. Or the summary can be e-mailed to daniel.vega.9@us.af.mil. Your reports are used to support and defend our program during budget cuts and program reviews. Reports also help us show that the program objectives are being met.

      You are the key to keeping the AMIGO Sponsorship Program an effective and viable program. Thank you for volunteering to sponsor and especially for your efforts in helping us make it a better program. I am always open to your ideas and suggestions. If you need assistance or information, remember we are as close as your telephone—please do not hesitate to contact us.

      WEEKENDS, HOLIDAYS OR AFTER DUTY HOURS. The DLI Operations is located in bldg 7437 and is open 24-hours every day. If your student needs assistance during those hours, please call 671-2927.

AMIGO Manager (7:15 to 3 pm) 671-7700
DLIELC Operations: 671-2927 Student Billeting: 675-5050

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